The story of Unai, a 10-year-old and his family on an extraordinary journey around the world. His father, nature photographer, has the mission to search for seven emblematic animals to photograph and communicate the delicate situation in which they find themselves. For over a year, following in his footsteps Unai shares with his sister and his mother experiences that convey an unconditional love for nature. Wolves, elephants, lions, bison, penguins, hornbills and crocodiles are the protagonists of this exciting journey across all continents.

Genre: Documentary, nature, travel, photography.
Director: Andoni Canela.
Year: 2016.
Nacionality: Spain.
Lenght: 70 min.
Producer: OHM Productions and Televisió de Catalunya. With the collaboration of P.A.U. Education and WWF.

LOOKING FOR THE WILD (Unai’s Journey). Director: Andoni Canela. Music: Albert Guinovart. Sound: Carlos de Hita. Editor: Roger Lleixà. Script: Julio Mazarico, Meritxell Margarit and Unai Canela. Narrator: Unai Canela. Image treatment: Roger Lleixà and Alfons Gumbau. Animations: Cristina F. Zambrano. Design: Ainara Nieves. Translation: Claire Robinson and Frank Robertson. Production: OHM Productions and Televisió de Catalunya. With the collaboration of P.A.U. Education and WWF.


  • MADRID Cineteca Matadero September, 1st. Plaza de Legazpi, 8.  20h.
  • MADRID Cineteca Matadero September 2nd, 3rd ,4th. 20.30h.
  • BARCELONA Cinemes Méliès September 16th. Villarroel, 102. 20h.
  • BARCELONA Cinemes Méliès From sep 17th to 22nd 20h.
  • VALENCIA  October.
  • SEVILLA  October.
  • OVIEDO  October.


LA LLAMADA DEL PUMA (Looking for the Wild) is the story of a journey in search of wild animals. A large format book written in spanish with 272 pages and 150 photographs accompanied by texts, illustrations and drawings. The puma is the origin of a of fifteen months search between mountains, glaciers, forests, oceans, jungles and deserts. The book, with photographs by  Andoni Canela and texts by Meritxell Margarit, gather the stories of ‘Looking for the Wild’, an educational project called Espíritu Salvaje.